Friday, September 16, 2011

Watch me grow! 3 Months!

So Paisley is 3 months old today, Sept 16.  We cannot believe it! She is growing like crazy. 
Things that she is now doing include: 
  -rolling from her stomach to her back
 -has found her feet and plays with them often
 looks for us and follows us with her eyes
 still wakes up about 2 times a night to eat still
 grabs mommy's hair and hangs on for dear life
has become a little stranger shy, she cries if someone holds her she does not know
waves her arms and kicks her legs if she is really excited
talks and coo's like crazy
loves to observe the other kids in the nursery.  I think she is going to be nosy like her momma. lol
This is about it for now! Until next month! She is such a joy! Love yall!

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  1. Mandy!!! She is so precious. She's going to be so big when you get here!! Reading this makes me so excited to see ya'll again :)