Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day!!

So we had a great Labor Day.  Jeremy took Paisley and I to breakfast at this little diner we love.  We can walk there from our apartment! It was so yummy. Later in the afternoon we went to a great coffee place on the lake front in Milwaukee and then we came home and grilled with friends!  It was great spending time together as a family. Hope everyone enjoyed their day off as much as we did.
Grilling fun!
Paisley's new friend Liam.  He was trying to hold her hand! lol She's already a little heart breaker!


Got to love this pretty little face! She enjoyed laying on her blanket playing while we ate!
Daddy and Paisley!!

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  1. I could eat her for dinner in that hat!!!!!!!!!!! Shelley showed us the poic the other day and we can't stand how sweet she is and so far away! Love you all.
    Aunt Michelle