Saturday, November 19, 2011

Watch Me Grow!! 5 Months!!

Paisley is 5 Months old!! She is getting so big and we, again, can not believe how fast time is flying!!  Things she is doing include:
-sits up on her own (kind of- still face plants some)
-laughs hard out loud
-taking schedule naps for long periods of time
-getting a little attitude at times, lol
-is quite the social butterfly
-when sleepy she tries to naw on your face
-may be teething (we think she may be getting her 2 bottom teeth)
-can stand up by her self when she is holding on to something (of course we are right there if she starts to tip)
- eating baby food. she like bananas!
Well this is about it.  Sorry we have not update this month!! Enjoy