Friday, December 23, 2011

Watch Me Grow 6 Month

 So Paisley is 6 Months old and will be celebrating her first Christmas.  We are home in Arkansas and she is getting lots of attention as you can tell by the pictures, she loves.  The Grandparents are in awe of how sweet she is.  My mom describes it as "being a puddle of mush."  She is almost crawling.  She get up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth and then lunges forward.  We are actually all sitting here watching her try!  She is getting more and more personality.  She is pulling up when the circumstances are right and she has learned she  has a tongue that she can stick out of her her mouth and pootie noises. lol   She has 2 bottom teeth that have broke through the skin and the doctor says that her two top teeth are going to come in soon. She has been a great teether and has not been unusually fussy.  She is finally starting to sleep through the night some which is such a blessing. Although we are in Arkansas for about 3 weeks, we have moved to Camdenton, MO and Paisley will finally get her own room and will be sleeping in her new crib.  On our way home we stopped in MO and dropped of all our stuff and half set up house.  Paisleys room was the first room we set up and we set her in her crib and she had the biggest time playing in it.  I think she is going to love it.  Anyway hope you enjoy the pics.    

Thursday, December 22, 2011

We Did It!

Graduation was awesome. This was the 3rd time for both of us to graduate (unless you count Mandy's kindergarden graduation from Stamps - and she does!) and it was by far the best. It was cool to be a part of something that was so God honoring. The past two years has been great. Thank you all for you prayers and support as we have been seeking to follow the Lord. Thank you also for your prayers for my graduation speech!

Pastor Paul Bowser and his wife Sandy. They have been such a blessing to us during our time in Wisconsin.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Graduation - December 16th!

Our two years at Bible school is almost up and I wish I could do justice in explaining all that God has done in us over the last two years. Yes, it was hard to leave home and move to Wisconsin, but ask either one of us and we would tell you that we would not trade these two years for anything. I (Jeremy) have been given the awesome privilege of representing our senior class by speaking at graduation on December 16th. In my speech I will be examining the purpose statement of New Tribes Bible Institute and explaining how that focus has affected the hearts and lives of each senior graduating.

NTBI Purpose Statement: The purpose of NTBI is to establish believers in the foundational truths of the Bible with an emphasis on church planting among unreached people groups.

Establishing believers in the foundational truths of the Bible...
If I had to narrow it down to what these were, and what has been foundational it would come down to these two:
1. God's faithful character
2. God's complete, finished, and sufficient work in salvation for sinners through Jesus Christ.
These are pretty much the bedrocks of the Bible and it is God's character that has that has moved Him to provide salvation for us in His Son. I wish I could do justice in this blog update and in my speech to what Jesus' sacrifice on our behalf has accomplished not just for us to enter into a relationship with God, but for us to continue to walk with Him and have victory in this life.

With an emphasis on church planting among unreached people groups...
NTBI is unapologetic in why they exist. They are the beginning phase of training missionaries to take the gospel to those who have yet to hear it. So this emphasis on church planting among unreached people groups causes them to constantly keep the needs of the world before us and challenge us to be a part. But is this what they should do? I would like to argue that because of those foundational truths that I already mentioned (God's faithful character and His complete work in Christ), it is the only thing logical to do. This faithful God has promised to reach all tongues, tribes, and nations and has made provision for each of them through His Son. The clearest thing to do, and the clearest thing for this school to do, is to emphasize this and seek to obey Jesus' commands to preach the gospel to all creation!

Would you pray for me as I continue to prepare to speak at Graduation? I want to speak in a way that honors God and encourages those who are there. We would also appreciate your prayers as we are finishing up school and packing everything to move to Missouri for the second phase of training for New Tribes Mission at the Missionary Training Center in Camdenton, Missouri.

Paisley's Coming Home for Christmas!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Watch Me Grow!! 5 Months!!

Paisley is 5 Months old!! She is getting so big and we, again, can not believe how fast time is flying!!  Things she is doing include:
-sits up on her own (kind of- still face plants some)
-laughs hard out loud
-taking schedule naps for long periods of time
-getting a little attitude at times, lol
-is quite the social butterfly
-when sleepy she tries to naw on your face
-may be teething (we think she may be getting her 2 bottom teeth)
-can stand up by her self when she is holding on to something (of course we are right there if she starts to tip)
- eating baby food. she like bananas!
Well this is about it.  Sorry we have not update this month!! Enjoy

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Watch me grow!! 4 Months

Today Paisley is 4 months old! Wow, time flies.  She is growing and changing so fast!
New things she is doing include
-almost sitting up on her own
-reaching for things and grabbing our faces
-she had slept through the night several times this month but sometimes still wakes up 1 to 2 times
-laughing at Daddy
-beginning to be less stranger shy
-fine motors skills are good and can grab things that are small
-is upset when she does not have your full attention. like mother like daughter. lol
-able to sit on our hip when being carried and hold up her body weight
-smiling like crazy
Hope you enjoy her 4 month pics!! Thanks for the yellow shirt Aunt Debbie!! Love you all.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall in Wisconsin!!

Fall in Wisconsin is absolutely beautiful.  Jeremy and I were driving down the road on Saturday admiring God creation of the fall leaves changing from green to deep reds, oranges, and yellows.  It makes me wonder; if our world is so beautiful now, what in the world did it look like in the garden of Eden before the fall of man.  God is so amazing to allow us to enjoy the earth in its damaged state, but I am so excited for one day when it is restored to its pre-fall state.  It is going to be amazing!! Hope you enjoy the pics of fall in WI.

All pooped out from picture taking.  I think we are going to have a thumb sucker on our hands! lol

Friday, September 16, 2011

Watch me grow! 3 Months!

So Paisley is 3 months old today, Sept 16.  We cannot believe it! She is growing like crazy. 
Things that she is now doing include: 
  -rolling from her stomach to her back
 -has found her feet and plays with them often
 looks for us and follows us with her eyes
 still wakes up about 2 times a night to eat still
 grabs mommy's hair and hangs on for dear life
has become a little stranger shy, she cries if someone holds her she does not know
waves her arms and kicks her legs if she is really excited
talks and coo's like crazy
loves to observe the other kids in the nursery.  I think she is going to be nosy like her momma. lol
This is about it for now! Until next month! She is such a joy! Love yall!

Field Day!

Last weekend our school had a Field Day! It is when the school breaks up into different teams and plays each other.  Jeremy and I played in the softball game.  He had a great time and so did Paisley!
Daddy and Paisley ready to play ball!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Intro to Tribal Missions!!

So we are ending our Tribal Missions class tomorrow.  What a challenge it was for Jeremy and I to sit through this class.  At times we laughed and at times we cried.  We learned about Animism and what it looks like to learn their language and culture.  We also learned the importance of teaching the bible chronologically to these people who have never heard a word about the Gospel of Christ.  I remember one day at the end of class Jeremy and I both were so move that we were both in tears.  Our teacher, Ron Lindsey, gave us a challenge to go and tell these people God's word.  Animist live in constant fear of the spirits. They believe that these "spirits" are in everything and the spirits are evil and out to get them.  This is how Satan in his scheming has lied to these people.  They can not enjoy any of God's creation, even the trees, because they think that the trees have spirits in them and want to do them harm.  I remember looking out the window that day in class at the trees and thanking God for his creation.  I could have just as easily been born an Animist living in fear of God's creation.  
Another story that Ron told us was that the tribe that he was in believed that long ago there was a great flood that killed everyone and that the rainbow was a sign that it would happen again.  It is so crazy that Satan has completely changed the story.  Ron talked about how they "had exchanged the truth of God for a lie" Romans 1:25b, and that the "god of this world had blinded them" 2 Corith 4:4a. Satan is the father of lies and he does it so many times by mixing truth with lies.  
We as believers have so much in Christ.  We do not have to live in fear because we have the Living God living with in us. We have no idea what we have or we would be sharing it more with the world.  There are so many people going to a Christless eternity. We must share Him.  He deserves their worship.  We have been so challenged and we wanted to share the challenge with you. Love yall
On a lighter note, here are some more Paisley Pics.  Enjoy!!
New fun toys!!

She loves swinging!
And she always as her hand in her mouth!
So Dainty!

She loves playing with Daddy!

Every night after bath, Jeremy sings to her "Mary Did You Know" because he says she looks like Mary with the towel headdress! LOL He is ridiculous!
Have a nice day!!