Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tulsa Trip!!

A couple of weekends ago we got take a little break from school and go to Tulsa to see our family on Jeremy's side.  We had the best time. It was so great to see everyone! Here are some pics from the Trip!
Gran and Paisley

Gran, Paisley,  and Savannah

Bath time for Paisley and cousin Ayden

Twin Valentine Cousins and Hil

Feeding the Babes

Cam, Hil, and the Babes

Cams and Paisley in her (Playing Hat\ as we call it

All played out on MaMa Lou!!

Watch Me Grow!! 9 Months

We can not believe Paisley is 9 Months old.  We are sad to think that there are only 3 stickers left and then we will not be doing watch me grow pics each month anymore.  (Not that we will not post plenty of pics of her though) Just today she let go of the furniture she was holding onto and stood up by her self for about 10 seconds.  We were so excited.  She now has 4 teeth as you may have noticed which make it great because she is able to eat lots of things.  She brings so much joy to us it is indescribable.  She can walk on her own her little walker.  She knows how to give you five, retrieve the phone when asked, and she is saying MaMa and DaDa. (not always in context but we like it anyway hehe)  Anyway enjoy the pics.