Tuesday, May 31, 2011

39 Weeks and Ready to STOP Counting!!

So I was 39 weeks yesterday and ready to pop!  Last week the doctor said she would let me go no later that June 16th, so if Paisley does not come before then, I will be induced.  We are very ready at this point, but trying to be patient and wait on the Lord to work.  He knows what he is doing.  Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.  We were invited by our friends Paul and Jen, our pastor's son and daughter-in-law, over to their house to grill and hang out with their family.  They have kind of become family away from family. We had a wonderful day and finally the weather in WI is getting better.  It was 80 and sunny yesterday so the weather was perfect for grilling.  It was funny to see our pastor in a pair of shorts, and sperry shoes, instead of in dress cloths.  He looked so cool!! I do not know why we lay people think pastors have to be dress up all the time.  It was good to see him in a more laid back atmosphere.  Their family reminds me so much of my own and made Jeremy and I miss home, but it was so good to be invited somewhere on a holiday.  We are ready to be back in Arkansas and see everyone.  Well maybe I will not have any more weeks of pregnancy to post next week.  I am a little tired of the purple shirt!! Love Yall
39 Weeks!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maternity Pics!!

 Many of you have already seen these pics on facebook,but some of you may not have so thought I would post them.  Our friend took them at New Tribes. As you can see she is really talented.  Jeremy and I had a great time taking them. I am now 37 weeks and the time is drawing near.  I have been cleaning like crazy!  Jeremy keeps telling me to slow down, but all I can think about is getting things ready for Paisley to get here.  Other news is that we have a precious niece, Ayden Ray.  She is the most precious little thing ever.  She was born May 11th.  She has a head full of dark hair and a beautiful tanned complexion. Jeremy and I were able to skype with Hillary and Adam in the hospital so we could see little Ayden.  Jeremy and I finished classes yesterday and are excited to be home this summer.  We are planning on coming home as soon as we can after Paisley is born depending on how I am feeling.   Hopefully we can return to Arkansas within 2 weeks of her arrival.  Well we love yall. Have an awesome week.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

36 weeks and counting!!

So I am now 36 weeks pregnant and she really could come at anytime.  I am starting to feel like a stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving day. lol We are pretty much ready, I think for Paisleys arrival.  Time is flying.  We will be finishing up next week with classes so after that is the waiting game.  Jeremy and I are trying to be patient, but it is difficult.  Other news is that more than  likely we are going to be an Uncle and Aunt tomorrow, for the first time because Jeremy's big Sis, Hillary, is being induced tonight at five-o-clock. Praying for you Hil!! We cannot wait for sweet baby girl, Ayden Ray, to arrive.  Wish we could be there!!
36 weeks and counting!

Weekend Showers!!

So Jeremy, Paisley, and I were blessed over the weekend with two baby showers on Saturday.  We had one given by my friends at New Tribes and then one at our Church here (FBC of Hartland). Boths showers were really good.  We have showers alot at New Tribes alot because it seems like everyone is pregnant and you would think that people would not be as giving for that reason, but everyone alway gets really great stuff.  The church shower was totally unexpected. It was a double shower for the youth pastors wife and I. The ladies at our church were so giving and most of them I do not know very well yet, so it was cool to see that even though we do not know each other all that well, they were so giving to us and we recieved many of the things we needed.  Paisley will definitely have enough clothing to get her started, and we recieve a couple of big boxes of diapers and wipes.  Mom also surpised me with her own gift at the new tribes shower. They pulled it out at the very end and said it was from her.  I was shocked to find it was the daiper bag I really, really wanted. I wish she could have been in the box with it! Thanks Mom!! I have posted a few pics from the each shower. 

Ready to get things started!
Gifts, Gifts, Gifts!! NTBI

Yummy foods all the Ladies at New Tribes Made!!

All the Ladies at the Shower!!

The diaper bag my dear mother sent!! I love it, love it, love it!!

Froggy my friend Jill got Paisley! Isn't it Cute!

Sweet little outfits!! Yey!!

My friends Jinny and Lael who helped put the shower together.  Also Jill, the main hostess who could not be there. She flew home to be with her grandpa who was very ill, but she helped get everything together from far away.  She called Jinny and Lael, Santa's (aka Jill's) little helpers!! Wish you could have been in this pic Jilly! 

This is from the Church shower.  This sweet little Lady named Eva made it! What is miraculous is that she is in her 80's!! Amazing! And it tasted great too!

Mrs. Sandy Bowser, the pastors wife.  She and I have become very close.  Although she looks nothing like my Aunt Debbie, there voices sound alike and there mannerisms are similar.  Thats probably why I love her so much.  Mrs. Sandy is like a grandma away from home.  She and I met weekly on Wednesday nights last semester and did bible study.  What a woman of wisdom she is!  She has some great stories about being in the ministry and I have learned so much from her.  Love ya Mrs. Sandy!

Church ladies digging in on all the great food!

A game we played to get me ready for feeding Paisley when she comes.  This is Paula, the pastors daughter.  She is also a L&D nurse at the hospital I am delivering at.  Hopefully I will come in while she is working and she can be my nurse. 

Gift time!!

My good friend Jen who hosted the shower.  She is the pastors daughter-in-law. Her and her husband have become great friends to Jeremy and I.  Her hubby, Paul and Pastor, are huge Cubs fans and they and Jeremy went to see Hayden Simpson play his first game a few weeks ago.  What is funny is that Jen is also pregnant and they just found out they are having a boy a few weeks ago, and Paul wants to name him Hayden.  Jens not quite sold on it yet. lol (for those of you who do not now, Hayden was the first round draft pick for the Cubs this year and he is from Magnolia) Magnolia is a jack-pot for draft picks. Anyway love yall all.  Have a great week.  

Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthing Class!!

So Jeremy and I attended birthing class last weekend and a had a suprisingly good time! We watched videos about labor and delivery and I do not think Jeremy is quite over it yet! lol  I think it was really good for Jeremy to know what to expect. The teacher of the course taught us some breathing and relaxation techniques to help with painful contractions.  Hopefully they do not go out the window when all of this labor stuff starts to happen.  Jeremy is so cute and wants me to practice my breathing all the time. I feel like we are both a little more prepared if that is even possible. Anyway we took a few fun pics of our experience.  Hope you enjoy.  Love yall!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vacation in Wisconsin Dells!

Spring break came a little late here in Wisconsin this year. The public schools always take off the week after Easter and New Tribes just does the same. I guess they wait so long because Spring break would not be too much fun during March in Wisonsin! God blessed us with an awesome opportunity to get away and relax for a few days at a place in the Wisconsin Dells called the Wilderness Resort. Our friends BJ and Jill Sanders (a couple who go to school with us who are from Arkansas!) were going there with their parents for Spring break, and their parents were so kind to get a room for us aswell! Thanks again Tony and Glenda, we had a blast! The resort had 3 indoor waterparks and tons of other stuff to do on site. Mandy's doctor said that she could ride any of the rides with a tube! We got to be little kids for a week...hope you enjoy the pictures!
 Pictures of the Room...

Before we were brave enough to get in...
We were just as tired as BJ and Jill's little girl Olivia when we were finished playing!
 I had to get a picture taken under this replica of the Trojan Horse!
 Pics of my beautiful wife, still as pretty as the day I married her!