Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vacation in Wisconsin Dells!

Spring break came a little late here in Wisconsin this year. The public schools always take off the week after Easter and New Tribes just does the same. I guess they wait so long because Spring break would not be too much fun during March in Wisonsin! God blessed us with an awesome opportunity to get away and relax for a few days at a place in the Wisconsin Dells called the Wilderness Resort. Our friends BJ and Jill Sanders (a couple who go to school with us who are from Arkansas!) were going there with their parents for Spring break, and their parents were so kind to get a room for us aswell! Thanks again Tony and Glenda, we had a blast! The resort had 3 indoor waterparks and tons of other stuff to do on site. Mandy's doctor said that she could ride any of the rides with a tube! We got to be little kids for a week...hope you enjoy the pictures!
 Pictures of the Room...

Before we were brave enough to get in...
We were just as tired as BJ and Jill's little girl Olivia when we were finished playing!
 I had to get a picture taken under this replica of the Trojan Horse!
 Pics of my beautiful wife, still as pretty as the day I married her!

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  1. We went to the Wisconsin Dells last September. Did you take a riverboat tour? BEAUTIFUL!!! Mandy, you look GREAT! I know your parents are anxiously awaiting their beautiful granddaughter! When will you come "home" to Arkansas for a visit?