Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maternity Pics!!

 Many of you have already seen these pics on facebook,but some of you may not have so thought I would post them.  Our friend took them at New Tribes. As you can see she is really talented.  Jeremy and I had a great time taking them. I am now 37 weeks and the time is drawing near.  I have been cleaning like crazy!  Jeremy keeps telling me to slow down, but all I can think about is getting things ready for Paisley to get here.  Other news is that we have a precious niece, Ayden Ray.  She is the most precious little thing ever.  She was born May 11th.  She has a head full of dark hair and a beautiful tanned complexion. Jeremy and I were able to skype with Hillary and Adam in the hospital so we could see little Ayden.  Jeremy and I finished classes yesterday and are excited to be home this summer.  We are planning on coming home as soon as we can after Paisley is born depending on how I am feeling.   Hopefully we can return to Arkansas within 2 weeks of her arrival.  Well we love yall. Have an awesome week.


  1. Jeremy and Mandy,
    Those are gorgeous! I want some!!! We cannot wait to see you both and our newest family addition. I loved all the shower pics and MawMaw and I were lamenting how sad we were not to be there -BUT I bet something special is in the works for when all the family is in. Love you so much and miss you tons. Mandy, pregnancy suits you very well you are breathtaking.
    Love and prayers,
    Aunt Michelle

  2. Mandy....You are so beautiful! I was so happy to read that you and your sweet family will be home-sweet-home in Stamps once Paisley is here and y'all are able to travel. I'm so anxious to meet Paisley and see you/Jeremy again!
    xoxox....Sue Burke

  3. Love y'all's blog :) These pictures are beautiful! So excited to see the Lord grow your family for His good pleasure. Love y'all so much. Praying for safe delivery and sweet nearness of the Lord.