Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Intro to Tribal Missions!!

So we are ending our Tribal Missions class tomorrow.  What a challenge it was for Jeremy and I to sit through this class.  At times we laughed and at times we cried.  We learned about Animism and what it looks like to learn their language and culture.  We also learned the importance of teaching the bible chronologically to these people who have never heard a word about the Gospel of Christ.  I remember one day at the end of class Jeremy and I both were so move that we were both in tears.  Our teacher, Ron Lindsey, gave us a challenge to go and tell these people God's word.  Animist live in constant fear of the spirits. They believe that these "spirits" are in everything and the spirits are evil and out to get them.  This is how Satan in his scheming has lied to these people.  They can not enjoy any of God's creation, even the trees, because they think that the trees have spirits in them and want to do them harm.  I remember looking out the window that day in class at the trees and thanking God for his creation.  I could have just as easily been born an Animist living in fear of God's creation.  
Another story that Ron told us was that the tribe that he was in believed that long ago there was a great flood that killed everyone and that the rainbow was a sign that it would happen again.  It is so crazy that Satan has completely changed the story.  Ron talked about how they "had exchanged the truth of God for a lie" Romans 1:25b, and that the "god of this world had blinded them" 2 Corith 4:4a. Satan is the father of lies and he does it so many times by mixing truth with lies.  
We as believers have so much in Christ.  We do not have to live in fear because we have the Living God living with in us. We have no idea what we have or we would be sharing it more with the world.  There are so many people going to a Christless eternity. We must share Him.  He deserves their worship.  We have been so challenged and we wanted to share the challenge with you. Love yall
On a lighter note, here are some more Paisley Pics.  Enjoy!!
New fun toys!!

She loves swinging!
And she always as her hand in her mouth!
So Dainty!

She loves playing with Daddy!

Every night after bath, Jeremy sings to her "Mary Did You Know" because he says she looks like Mary with the towel headdress! LOL He is ridiculous!
Have a nice day!!

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  1. This blog made me cry, not gonna lie. You put that into words so well Mandy. Haha, LOVE that pic of Paisley in her towel!!