Monday, June 27, 2011

Meeting the Family!!

So we are back in Arkansas.  We left Wisconsin on Tuesday and headed for Tulsa to spend time with Jeremy's side of the family.  We met our niece for  the first time, Ayden Ray.  She was so precious and pretty.  We stayed with them until Saturday and then came to Stamps were we were met by the Camps. We are so glad to finally be back in town and are so blessed to have such great families and friends.  Ready to see more of you guys.  We were able to go to church at FBC of Magnolia.  Paisley slept through the service and was as quiet as a mouse.  It was so great to be back with our church family in Magnolia.  Here are some pics with family taken over the past few days.
Cammie and Ronny meeting Paisley for the first time!
Poppy and Paisley

Hillary and Ayden

Gran and Paisley

Ayden and Paisley taking a cat nap!

Hil and I with our sweet baby girls!

Jeremy officially joining the daddy club! We could not believe all that could come out of such a small little girl!

Getting ready to go shopping at the mall!

How sweet she is!

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