Wednesday, June 15, 2011

41 1/2 Weeks and Finally Done Tomorrow!

So We just took this picture right before we came to the hospital. I finally got to be in one because Mandy's family is here to visit! It is awesome that someone finally knows where we live! We just arrived and the nurse is asking Mandy a million questions. Mandy has had a completely healthy pregnancy so praise the Lord for that! They will start her induction at six in the morning. We cannot wait to post pictures of little Paisley!


  1. We are SOOOOOO excited for you all and cannot wait to see pictures and one day meet precious PAISLEY!!!!!! Praying for yall!

  2. Retire the purple shirt and let us see pictures of sweet PAISLEY!!!!
    I have been praying for the little Hambrice Family, and I'm anxious to see you in Stamps ... soon?