Monday, June 20, 2011

Jeremy's First Fathers Day!!

I just want to take a minute and brag on my sweet husband. I realize its only been a couple of days since Paisley was born, but in those couple of days my love for Jeremy has grown so much.  He is turning out to be such a great dad.  He is so gentle with her and he worries about whether she is breathing, too hot, too cold, or dirty.  He as woken up with her the past couple of nights and changed her diaper and held her so I could get some rest.  He is so, so sweet.  Yesterday I heard Jeremy reading the Bible to her and I just praised the Lord that she as a Father who loves Him.  I am so glad that she and I have a man to follow and submit too who is walking with the Lord.  Happy Late Fathers Day Jeremy.  I love you and Paisley loves you too!!
Jeremy reading Paisley her first bible story!!

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