Monday, March 7, 2011

27 Weeks and Counting!

So I am 27 weeks and it seems like I have really popped out in the last two weeks.  Jeremy is amazed at how big my stomach is getting.  I keep telling him its only going to grow more.  Baby girl is 2 lbs and 14 and 1/2 inches according to  I can not believe that next week I will begin my 3rd trimester.  My doctor said we need to start looking into birthing classes.  Those will be fun, I'm sure.  We started new classes this week: Pneumatogy (The study of the Holy Spirit) and Angelology/Satanology/Demonology. We are excited about what the Lord will teach us through these new classes.  Love yall and have a great week.  
27 Weeks and Counting!! 


  1. Beautiful sweet Mance! We miss you both so much and wish we could get our hands on you. Try to call us soon with both of you are free to visit bit. Love you bunches!
    Aunt Michelle

  2. Too cute, Mandy!! Thanks for posting the pics! We love keeping up with you two! Blessings to you, Jeremy & Baby Girl Hambrice!