Thursday, February 23, 2012

Watch Me Grow 8 Months!!

Paisley was 8 Months old on the 16th and she is doing a lot of things.  She is pulling up on everything.  She is trying to cruise from object to object.  Also if she has a toy in her hand and you ask for it she will give it to you.  My favorite thing this month is that if you ask her for a kiss, she leans in, opens her month, and plants a big slobber kiss right on your lips.  It is the cutest thing ever.  In the mornings when we get her out of her bed she kisses us without us asking.  If that does not begin your day on a good note, nothing will.  She is growing so fast and learning new things every day it seems.  She is not doing very well eating baby food.  All she will eat is bananas, so I have to mix them with everything and even then sometimes she will not open her little mouth.  She would fit in with monkeys very well the way she loves bananas. lol Here is our sweet baby girl this month!!

 More carrots on her face than in her mouth!!

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