Friday, January 27, 2012

Classes at the Missionary Training Center have begun!

Classes have just started for us here at the Missionary Training Center and I told Mandy that I feel like my heart has just exploded. The first few days have been incredible! I can't believe that the Lord has lead us here to be equipped for cross-cultural ministry and is allowing us to rub shoulders with all of the amazing staff that is here who have been there and done that. One of the classes that we started with was called "Big Picture." It's objective was to give us an overview of what the whole process will most likely look like for us "missionary candidates." One thing I thought was cool was that we started with the end result - a MATURE CHURCH. What Mandy and I are being trained to do is not just go and share the gospel with a people who have never heard it, that is only the beginning. What we hope to do, empowered by God, is to see a mature church established, one that can reach the next generation and other people groups around it with the gospel. The above picture consists of 4 components that NTM feels that a church that is growing towards maturity will continue to display. What impacted me the most is that this isn't just something that a church should display somewhere in the distant future that we will, Lord willing, play a part in planting, but that WE are the Church! These are realities that should be on display in our lives! The amazing thing is that we don't have to strain and strive to make these characteristics true in our lives, THEY ARE TRUE! We have the very life of Jesus as our life, and it is only our responsibility to look to Him and depend on Him. By His grace may we all...
1. Live under the authority of GOD'S WORD
2. Know what our IDENTITY is as children of God and know what our purpose here on this earth is
3. Know where we get our LIFE from on a daily basis to live according to the way that He desires
4. And display a life that is in a continually process of DISCIPLESHIP

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