Wednesday, February 9, 2011

23 Weeks and Counting!!

So I am officially 23 weeks along!  Baby girl is moving like crazy.  She weighs a little over a pound.  We are very excited.  Dad and Mom were so gracious and bought us a stroller last week. We found a good deal on one at Sears. It could also work for a boy, just in case the ultrasound lady was wrong.  Haha! Jeremy is very excited about putting it together.   It seems like it is a good time to have a baby because so many things are on sale right now.  Also I have posted some pictures of diaper wreaths I have been making for some of my friends here at the bible school.  So many people are having babies around here.  I guess it’s the age we are at.  The diaper wreaths are so fun to make and you can go as expensive or inexpensive as you want to on them.  Anyway, we just finished up with 1&2 Peter and Soteriology yesterday, and will begin Missions in Church History and James/Jude.   We are excited to start some new classes, but sad to see the others go.  1 Peter was so great and it was so cool to see the grace of God throughout the book.  The theme was, “Steadfastness in the Christian life requires and accurate understanding of the nature of life under the grace of God. “  The theme of 2 Peter was “Living spotlessly and blamelessly in light of eternity.”  Both books were great to study because to be honest, I had never really read them before.   Well I have to do some cleaning.  Love you all!

23 Weeks and Counting!!
For my friend, Jill!!

For my friend, Lael!! 
Thanks Dad and Mom, Aka Gramps and Zsha Zsha! We love it so much!

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