Monday, September 6, 2010

Leadership Training and Classes Beginning

Waiting to Cross the Fairy!

My Good Friends, Lael and Jill!!
My First Tent!
Team Building Activity!!
Our Team Won!! Raise the ROOF!

Deep Thought After a Long Hike Up the Mountain!

So Jeremy and I started classes about 2 1/2 weeks ago at New Tribes Bible institute and they are going great.  We are taking adispensations, prophets, and theology and man are we learning alot.  God is teaching us so much about himself.  Theology is my favorite class because we are going through the names of God and His attributes.  Tomorrow we talk about his Soveignty!! Anyway, it has been good to be back with all of our friends and get back started in class.  Last semester, Jeremy and I were asked to be on leadership commitee and so we went on a leadership retreat before school started at Devils Lake.  It was my first time to ever go camping and I have to say, "It was a blast."  Jeremy said, "Your last name use to be Camp and youve never been camping!"  We had a great time and God was great to allow us to get to know the other students and staff.  We had meeting every night around the camp fire and one of the staff members would talk about principle of becoming an effective godly leader.  Most of the staff has been to tribes and have reach them with the Gospel, so it was cool to hear their stories and be able to learn from them.  We will continue to keep our blog updated.  Forgive us for not doing a great job of that last semester.  Pray that we will go anywhere to do anything for Christ.  Love you guys. 

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