Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School!!!

So we began our first day back to classes at NTBI yesterday and Paisley began childcare.  Jeremy is taking the full load of courses, 14 hours, and I am part-time taking 10 hours.  We started Intro to Tribal Missions and Daniel/Revelation, and Jeremy started Philippians.  We are so excited to be back to get to study God's Word in depth.  We have started to settle back into our apartment and it has been fun for Paisley to explore her new home.  She is doing well in childcare, but it has been hard for me to leave her.  The great thing is that it is only for two and a half hours a day and the ladies that keep her are great Christian ladies.  She could not be in better hands.  Jeremy and I are enjoying sitting in classes and learning together again.  We are so blessed to be here.  Our Intro to Tribal Missions class has already begun to give us so much insight into what we will be doing.  The teacher, Ron Lindsey, is the president of our school and he previously was a missionary in Papua New Guinea for 18 yrs.  He really makes the class come alive because he has been there.  He has a zeal for the Lord like no man we have ever seen.  It is a lot of the students favorite class here at the Bible School.  Please pray has we begin classes again that the Lord would show Himself to us and that we would have open hearts and mind to what He has for us.  We love you all.  

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